The Eye of the Fish

August 22, 2019

New Sponsor for Stadium

Wouldn’t this be nice?

With all credit to Winston Aldworth, over on Scoop. Lovely suggestion.

23 - 08 - 19

Edmonds is new just a brand owned by Multinational Food company Goodman Fielder which is owned by Wilmar international, the world’s biggest Palm oil company…. maybe we could add a few orang-utans :(

Seamonkey Madness
23 - 08 - 19

Or even…O-ring-utans…? They should be used to the lack of trees by now, shouldn’t they. They’ll fit right in at W̶e̶s̶t̶p̶a̶c…s̶k̶y̶ Edmonds Stadium.

24 - 08 - 19

You know – I don’t get it about our farmers. Specifically, our dairy farmers. We proudly proclaim to the world that our entire fleet of cows is entirely grass fed, naturally raised on New Zillun’s noice green grass and nothing else, our cows happily roam the paddocks and don’t have to go and stand inside on a concrete pad like American cows do in feedlots etc.

And yet we are the world’s biggest single importer of palm kernel, which is used here as a cow feed supplement, and which is the biggest single destroyer of habitat for the orangutang on the planet. And then they’re annoyed when kiwi people aren’t 100% behind the dairy farmers. Who, incidentally, are destroying the quality of our drinking water across the country, due to their ruminants pissing in our streams. What part of that story do they not get?

24 - 08 - 19

The part that helps them pay off their monumental (and national economy hobbling) debt mountains.

26 - 08 - 19

Then there is that whole importing phosphate from the disputed Western Sahara issue. Almost just is now….