Thanks to Greenwelly for alerting me to the substantial report on the WCC website, which is both exhausting, and fascinating. There will be a book in there somewhere, on how a project could go so wrong and spiral way out of control.

So, there is an indication of where the project has been going wrong – but also, it seems there have been so many changes, that the team trying to process the cost of the changes has become worn out and are suffering from battle fatigue. And yet we still don’t have a functioning design for a modern function venue. It makes me wonder how Joshua Charlesworth ever managed to build this in the first place, in an era without computers, diesel engines, piling rigs, and a plethora of accountants adding up the numbers. I guess they were just better back then.

Temporary / semi-permanent toilets and bar in the Civic Square?
Former Mayoral Chambers now abandoned for use as VIP rooms

I mean, those sound like pretty important, basic needs. Did the person writing the brief just plain stuff it all up? I can’t believe that Athfield Architects simply forgot to design those things and put them on the drawings – but then again, they are not specialist auditorium architects. Perhaps someone more suitable to the work, like Jeremy Salmond Architects or Shand Shelton would have been a better bet. They certainly have far more experience in that field. Or even, god forbid, maybe the WCC should have hired an Aussie Architect with more relevant experience in that field.

Underground works in the Basement, including a recording studio (bottom left) and NZSO instrument stores

So, are we at the end yet? Not quite! There are still known risks (listed below) as well as unknown risks…