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Thanks to Greenwelly for alerting me to the substantial report on the WCC website, which is both exhausting, and fascinating. There will be a book in there somewhere, on how a project could go so wrong and spiral way out of control. So, there is an indication of where the project has been going wrong – but also, it seems there have been so many changes,…

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The Wellington Town Hall is getting strengthened and some people are getting exasperated at how long the process is taking. To be fair, the building has been sitting empty, closed off for a number of years now, and only recently (2018) has it actually been behind work hoardings. So – what is likely to be happening? We’re not completely sure, but here at Eye of the…

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Today, the DomPost devoted its entire front page to the issue of the old Town Hall building now being costed at $60m for strengthening, instead of the previous $47m. It appears that we are not taking about inflation of $13m in the 2 months since the decision was made, but that there are more foundations, and they are bigger, and so bigger base isolation is needed….