I have no idea why, but we appear to have elected someone who likes to use his thumb. Perhaps over-use his thumb. So, i think it only right to feature the Thumb in all its glory. See if you can find a photo of young Christopher without a thumbs up. They’re rare… Don’t believe me? Read on…

Mr Happy Thumb
Thumb to the Left
Thumb to the Right
Double Thumbs up for his Face Book page (Thumb Book)
Family Thumb
A rare variation here, with one finger erect and thumb only at half mast…
Car Thumb
Rare Thumb plus pointy Forefinger
Yeehah Thumb
Thumb ’em High !
I wonder where he got the idea from…..?
The Thumb of Approval
Thumb head

And if you think I’m barking up the wrong tree, have a search for Chris Hipkins with his thumb up. Haven’t found a single one yet…

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