Things more important to be concerned about, than a logo:

• Sorting out the Public Transport route and getting on with it.
• Deciding whether we are going to have buses or light rail.
• Implementing a complete separated cycle network throughout the city.
• Providing a workable answer to paying for strengthening EQP buildings.
• Lengthening the runway, or not. And then doing it anyway. 
• Encouraging businesses back to Wellington, so we do not stagnate. 
• Thermal insulation upgrade to all housing stock.
• Reducing spend on roading in Wellington.
• Finding new system of rubbish and recycling collection in this windy city of ours.
• Completing deals with Sir Peter Jackson and actually getting a LOTR museum.
• Convincing Tenths Trust to develop / do something with Shelley Bay.
• Digging a second Mt Vic Tunnel, and more tunnels where needed.
• Stopping a Flyover ruining part of Wellington. 
• Implementing Option X and saving millions. 
• Working with engineers to save The Old Public Trust building.
• Working with financiers to get a solution to the Harcourts building.
• Working with architects to resolve Cuba St heritage precinct.
• Building an extension to Te Papa to house New Zealand’s hidden art collection.
• Saving Downstage to provide a venue for all Wellingtonians.
• Removing all the old pine trees on Tinakori Hill before they kill someone.
• Installing anti-jellyfish nets at all the beaches so that we can swim in peace.
• Completing buildings on site 9 and 10 at Kumutoto, and then closing down WWL. 
• Implementing a system of public recycling bins throughout the city.
• Making sure that collected materials are actually recycled.
• Upgrading bus shelters so that they actually shelter bus users. 

Once you’ve actually done all that, and only then: discuss existing logo for city council, and debate whether we need a new one.

first we had that, then we had this:

then with a bit of colour added:

just be thankful it’s not this:

or this….

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