It’s on a day like this, with perfect blue skies, all day sun, and roaming round the crisp waters of Wellington’s bays, that you realise that our capital city lacks just one thing. A way to take the day time good times, and extend them on into the evening. Yep – there is just one thing it misses – some roof top bars.

When oh when is Wellington going to get one of these? And where would you put it if you had one? Probably needs to be up high, but not too high. Somewhere with a great view, but somewhere simultaneously out of the wind.
So, I can agree that the top of the Majestic is not going to be the right place for this, but isn’t this a wonderful sight?

Possibly the only thing that could make it better would be to have a hot tub up there on the roof as well, but that may be asking a little too much. It’s not impossible though. I have a friend in England with a jacuzzi and rooftop bar on the roof of his terrace house, and there’s nothing quite so magical as sipping cocktails, overlooking Hyde Park, whilst sitting in warm water and bubbles.

The time is right for a rooftop bar at the very least – if not the hot tub as well – and where better to start than the place that is home to our bars and restaurants already? Rooftop in Courtenay Place may be a little noisy perhaps, so what about our other home of bars – Cuba St? Judging by the picture above, you don’t even need much water! or clothes! There’s probably a more suitable spot, but none more magnificent a location than: the roof of the Michael Fowler Centre. How about it Wellington?

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