Given that this week has been Maori Language Week all week long, and that today is apparently National Poetry Day, I had great plans to create a beautiful poem in te reo, for your erudition and elucidation. However, I have discovered that: A) I have no poetic ability beyond third form haiku, and B) there exists no google translate for passages of Maori text, as it does for other languages like Serbian, Greek, Portuguese etc. All we have is single word at a time translations – which is not the way to make any sense of a coherent thoughtful sentence.

So, seeing as it is Friday, and sunny, and anyone with any sense is heading off to the garden bar at the Southern Cross soon, I’m going to throw it open to you all:

your best efforts at poetry in Maori, please !

I await the outcome with baited breath.

There is then going to be a short hiatus for the next 10 day, while I watch the Olympics.
See you on the flip side. Ka pai!

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