Once again we have an earthquake, and once again, our city gets off lightly. Despite all the hoohaa and sirens and tsunami warnings etc, and apart from the tragic loss of a couple of people in the South Island, Wellington has brushed off the quakes with a shrug. And that is exactly what we should be able to do, every time it happens. The Geonet warning on my phone has been going off non-stop for the last several hours, telling me when I woke that i had slept through 145 aftershocks, although I must say – the midnight wobble kept me awake for a while! Here’s a clip of the Geonet drum activity from then:
Shows how continuous the activity was for that hour or so. And still is.

But what about Ken Ring? The “moon man” has been very quiet – his Twitter feed is silent since September – but heck, I’d be crowing from the rooftops if i was him! Biggest full moon / super moon for years, and i was out last night at 11pm watching it in all its glory, shining away on a clear sky, and then wham, bamm, a large quake just an hour later. Did he predict this? By my reckoning, he should have! I don’t believe in the connection myself, but was it just a coincidence?

Meanwhile, I have to go put some things back on shelves…