You may already be aware of this world-breaking event, but in case you are not, here’s the news: LGWM have actually made a decision! Of course, now having made a decision, they now want to ask us our opinion on their momentous decision. So, this post, the topic of discussion is all about the proposed Cobham Drive crossing. Seeing as their method of discussion is all behind closed doors (they are calling for submissions by the end of July), I though that it might be more useful to have some discussion in public, and the Eye of the Fish seems to be a good place to discuss that.

Where people really want to run and cycle – and where they can’t, because of a highway
This red dotted line = the big barriers to safely crossing the road

I’m sure we are all aware of the problem. The Cobham Drive route from the City to the Airport is the only possible route to use for most people – car, truck, jogger, cyclist, etc. There’s no train as yet, and they discontinued the bus a couple of years ago. So now, the choice is simple: take an Uber of take a Taxi. Its too bloody expensive to drive there and stay in the new multi-storey abortion building anyway, and the Number 2 bus goes nowhere near the front door of the Airport, so if you have bags…. you get the picture. But if you’re a runner (in this weather: you must be mad!) then you’re stuck on the other side of the road and there is nowhere safe to cross.

The 4 areas where LGWM decided to try and look at potential crossing sites

It seems they looked at 4 possible sites to cross. They decided on just one crossing site, rather than multiple sites.

The changes in Speed limits that will also be implemented as part of the crossing

By selecting a ground level crossing, that means that traffic speeds must slow down. Here’s how.

Lots of inter-linked connection points to consider

Above: too complicated !

Linking the suggested site with the existing network of streets and paths

So this was the decision – and they want to get your sign off so they can say they have “consulted” with the community.

Here’s the proposed crossing point, in a very rough “detail”

Its a level crossing. A raised bed perhaps? Or just painted lines on the road?

Level crossing, Bridge, or Underpass considered – weighed up against existing non-crossing

Do you care about best results? Here is what they think.

table 5 continued

If you care most of all about costs, here are the tables you might like to look at more closely. Roughly $1million to paint the road and make a central “pool style” fence. But it would cost $10million to $17million to make a bridge or an underpass, apparently. Do you believe their numbers? Or are they all complete rubbish?

So there we have it. Your feedback?

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