One week to go – one week till the entire Wellington Bus system is completely revamped. I’ve been following what has been happening in Auckland with their AT bus revamp, and it must be a national thing, as Dunedin is also planning a similar revamp – and of course Wellington is rolling it out too.

It seeeeeems to be working in Auckland, but then their system was a lot more complex than ours. We have a curious system, with all our trains working well but stopping disastrously short, on the very edge of town. The bit where most of Wellington lives, ie Central, East, South, and most of West, have no trains at all, only cars, bikes or buses. You can see it clearly on the map here, with the great fat wide bar (denoting interchange) at the north end of Lambton Quay.


Curiously, when I do a google image search for “Wellington Transit map”, the best provider comes up as Eye of the Fish, rather than the plonkers at GWRC or whatever they are called this week. If you go to their website at Metlink, they don’t seem to offer any overall maps at all, either pre-change or post-change.

Come on, you complete and utter idiots at GWRC – post a transit map ! Honestly, how incompetent is Laidlaw and his bunch of boneheaded chums? This might be good for regular commuters, but its just a bunch of numbers for the rest of us:


Actually, on the remote chance that Metlink / GWRC is reading this, we need a lot more maps. Seriously, you need to assume that not everyone knows exactly what service they need. Ever heard of tourists?
In my mind, every single bus-stop needs a map – and especially all large locations like Willis St and Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place. A list of bus numbers is not a map.
how to ride
Maps, maps, WE NEED MAPS !!!!!!!


This is the map that GWRC used when they were seeking feedback a couple of years ago – true, it is a bloody ugly map, but at least it graphically gets a message across, even if it got a big thumbs down on the Transit Maps website.

But in the absence of anything else appearing online, its all I’ve got. Come on GWRC, get your appallingly shoddy act together.
You’ve already removed the much-loved and totally green trolley-bus network, stupidly at least 6 months before you had a replacement service of a handful of new electric buses.
You’ve filled our city with shitty, belching, ex-Auckland throwaway diesels, which nobody wants. You’re replacing one bus system with another, but with bugger-all information about what it is.

Get. Your. Act. Together.


Here, below, lifted direct from the officials, is the new numbers:

North-south (Island Bay to northern suburbs): old bus numbers 1, 53, 54 and 55 become new bus number 1

East-west (Karori to Miramar/Seatoun): old numbers 2, 3 and 11 become new number 2

Lyall Bay, Rongotai: old numbers 3, 10 and 11 become new number 3

Strathmore Park: old numbers 25, 43 and 44 become new numbers 12 (shuttle) and 12e (peak-time Wellington extension)

Kowhai Park: old number 8 becomes new numbers 17 and 17e (peak-time Wellington extension)

Miramar-Karori: old number 18 becomes new number 18e. A separate local Miramar route will be the number 18

Mairangi: old numbers 22, 23 and 47 become new number 22

Houghton Bay: old numbers 21 and 23 become new numbers 23 and 23e (peak-time Wellington extension)

Miramar Heights/Broadmeadows: old numbers 24, 46 and 50 become new number 24

Khandallah/Highbury: old numbers 9, 20, 43 and 44 become new number 25

Ngaio: old number 45 becomes new number 26

Southgate/Owhiro Bay: old numbers 4, 22 and 29 become new number 29e (peak-time Wellington extension)

Scorching Bay/Moa Point Express: old number 30 becomes new number 30x

Miramar North Express: old number 31 becomes new number 31x

Houghton Bay Express: old numbers 4 and 32 become new number 32x

Karori South: old number 3s becomes new number 33

Karori West: old number 3x becomes new number 34

Hataitai: old number 5 becomes new number 35

Lyall Bay via Hataitai: old number 6 becomes new number 36

Karori (Wrights Hill)/Brandon St: old numbers 17 and 21 become new number 37

Tawa: old numbers 210 and 211 become new numbers 60 and 60e (peak-time Wellington extension)

No number change: Kingston (7), Mairangi (13), Wilton/Roseneath (14), Mt Victoria (20), Karori/Wrights Hill (21*), Beacon Hill Shuttle (28), Newlands, Woodridge, Paparangi (52), Paparangi (56), Woodridge (57) and Newlands (58).

*The 21 will include an all-day, high-frequency service between Courtenay Place and Kelburn Parade.

New service: Churton Park 19 (loop) and 19e (peak-time Wellington extension)


45 per cent more weekend services

26 suburbs with more off-peak services

15 per cent more weekday services

12 suburbs with new evening and weekend services

10 fully electric double-deckers


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