The Eye of the Fish has got it’s interest piqued, by an advertising campaign on in Wellington at present. For the last few weeks, there have been a series of eyeballs rolling around on Phantom Billstickers billboards, with no clues or explanations what they refer to. A series of eyes, sometimes two eyes, sometimes a string of four, staring in different directions. Someone obviously wants us to look at something. But what?


“Now you see me” – to which the reposte is clearly: now you don’t. But still no clearer. Does the yellow and black refer to The Hurricanes? The Phoenix? Wellington City Council? What am I meant to be looking for? What are you looking at?

Is it an advert for us to look at the stars in a different way, with the advent of Matariki? Did that go awry when Matariki manifested itself via the medium of a whale? Of course, you know that the word Leviathan most often refers to a large sea creature from the ocean deep, don’t you? A whale, in other words?

whale von lampard
Picture of our Wellington whale at Matariki, snapped by Von Lampard – all credits to him.

Or is it a teaser campaign to get us used to maori words – as we head towards being a bilingual city, at long last? Just last night I spotted the same images had changed their words – one said “kanohi” and the other said “kitea”. With the name of this blog being The Eye of the Fish – aka – Te Kanohi o te Ika, we can tell one word quite easily. And the other? Well, you’ll just have too find out.

Here’s my current theory: that it is a teaser campaign by GWRC, to get us ready for the big bus changes tomorrow. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, perhaps, if the big ugly yellow-fronted buses start sporting a big pair of googly eyes on their nose. But that would imply that GWRC had both a sense of graphic design, and a sense of humour, both of which seem to be sadly lacking.

So: what’s your theory?

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