Is it just me, or is the NZTA info about the Transmission Gully really really hard to find out? Let’s shed some light on the subject.
Here’s their map for the path of Transmission Gully.

Notice anything missing? Like, maybe, the ground is missing? Just white space, a new highway magnificently floating in the ether?
As far as I remember, highways really don’t float much, and it all remains fairly unclear… despite them putting the “magnifying glass” on it.

Here’s their representation of the main link in from Wellington and Porirua, in to the start of Transmission Gully.

To my eye, that seems a little sparse on detail… a tabula rasa, as they say…

Here’s the historical justification for the route, based, apparently, on traditional maori trail routes through the region:

Actually, that’s a whole lot more informative than their current plan.

Of the route through Takapu Valley proposed last month, narry a sign on the official website for the project. Lots of documents, lots of writing, but no detailed pictures that I can find.
On the other hand, I have found a lovely pic from the residents of the Takapu Valley, as to what their valley may look like with a motorway zipping along the upper hills:

Well that seems nice and accurate.

Here’s a map that stuff ran, showing a very sketchy layout of the possible route – i can only presume this did not originate from NZTA.

Even so, as inaccurate as it is, it still seems more useful than the official NZTA website.

Here’s a 3d that I managed to create, from the google map of the world, looking at the whole hilly Grenada / Takapu area. Far more useful in showing what is there, even if I do say so myself.

Of course, I can’t show the actual road route in there, as I can’t figure out where it might be going to go… and then I’ve found this pic, which shows what presumably is a motorway, but I can’t quite figure out how it is rotated around…

What about at the other end? No, not right down the Pie cock end, just the end near the Pauatahanui interchange. Have a look at the grab I got from google:

And now compare this with a clip I took from the official video reproduction of the route:

Everything is rather vague and indistinct, and… good grief – it’s huge! If you own a farm round there, be prepared to have it swallowed up…