Last night was a super moon, the largest for the year – and a worm moon, apparently, according to the Guardian. A symbol of starting anew, planting for the new season in the northern hemisphere. Here, of course, it heralds Autumn, and leaves falling off trees. Here it is with the tower of Antenna Hungaria at the top of Karancs mountain, seen against the rising moon at Karancskeszi village, Hungary.
But more importantly, here is a super-moon photo from the town of Edirne in Turkey, with the Edirne Mosque in the foreground, which seems an appropriate image for today, as we pay our respects to the dead from the attacks in Christchurch. Horrific, murderous, and totally misguided, one fucked-up stupid little man has caused massive grief to the Muslim community in Christchurch, and also an upwelling of love and unity with followers of Islam, in the complete opposite to what he intended.
And to bring in a local focus and link with architecture, here is a pic from the new Mosque in Cambridge, England, by the brilliant Julia Barfield, of architects Marks Barfield, who made the London Eye. Here she has taken a branch out of our timber design tree, and produced a woven timber lattice. An exceptional non-orthogonal timber design indeed. Check it out Ged !
Cambridge - Julia Barfield
Peace be upon you all.

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