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It is lovely to hear and to see that the current WCC roads department has undertaken to supply Wellington with a new Fountain. Trialled briefly last night, its magnificent spout put a sparkle in the Fish’s eye, a flick in my tail. I love a good soaking. Digging the preparatory hole in Manners Mall on Tuesday afternoon, it seems that a digger unearthed the gusher in…

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Following swiftly on from the post about the hole they’re digging, today I wanted to look at what is going to fill it. We posted some time ago on the project (just over a year ago) when it hit the papers, with a hideous green render, and speculated that the building would have a bit more development before it hit the site. And so it has….

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While this job will be underway for a long while yet, we thought that it would be good to see some updates on the impressive great hole that has been dug between Willis St and Boulcott St. They have reached the bottom some time ago, having dug out several thousand cubic metres of dirt, and they’re now filling in the hole – working their way up…