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Like many of you, I have been watching events unfold in the USA with interest. Yes, I know that Maximus and Leviathan may be rolling over in their watery graves for me even approaching such a topic – after all, this is a blog dedicated to architecture, in Wellington, rather than political events in Washington. But there is a strong link, which I will get to…

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With the only topic trending right now being the anointing by the masses of Mr Trumplestiltskin to the position of President-Elect, it seems churlish to talk about matters such as Urban Design or Wellington architectural experimentation. There’s little connecting the two – except for the architectural specifications for a wall between Mexico and the US of 3,145 km…. runs through four US states (Texas, New Mexico,…

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A week is a long time in politics. Celia is gone, Justin is in, Colin Craig is ancient history, and Goff’s off to head up the supercity. The last WCC crop of Councillors was, let’s be honest, a bag full of fruitcakes, with the frankly barmy Helene Ritchie, the reptilian repellent Mark Peck who, frankly, did nothing for the entire 3 years except pull a pay…