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Welcome to 2018 and welcome back to the Eye of the Fish, the uniquely Wellington look at architecture and urban matters in and around our glorious and perfectly formed small city – the self-proclaimed Coolest Small Capital in the World. The holiday season is now half over, and while you have been at the beach or up on a mountain top, some other people have been…

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Following last week’s large earthquake in Kaikoura (now uprated to 7.8, which is a sizeable monster), a number of buildings in Wellington have been cordoned off, and so far, three buildings have been slated for demolition. They are: the former ICI House (designed by Stephenson & Turner, constructed 1962-65) in 61 Molesworth St. the Statistics building (designed by Jasmax, constructed 2005) at Centreport. the Car Park…

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An update on where Eye of the Fish is, some 18 months after starting: We’ve posted 145 short articles, of which it has been good to have your feedback on. So much feedback in fact – we’ve just passed our 2000th comment on the blog (not including the 7053 spam intercepted), and that’s a pretty good response rate despite my sometimes random ranting. That’s a fairly…