An update on where Eye of the Fish is, some 18 months after starting: We’ve posted 145 short articles, of which it has been good to have your feedback on. So much feedback in fact – we’ve just passed our 2000th comment on the blog (not including the 7053 spam intercepted), and that’s a pretty good response rate despite my sometimes random ranting.

That’s a fairly staggering average rate of about 13.8 comments per post – which actually makes this one of the most active architecture and design blogs in NZ.

Hooray for us.

And boo to the approx 48.6 spam per post also. No, I don’t need or want your pills or your online gambling, and I certainly don’t want to see pictures of Paris Hilton naked. The only place for a Hilton in Wellington is somewhere along the waterfront.

By comparison, for instance, Share Architecture in Auckland has had 275 posts (far more than us – they’re rather prolific), but only 299 comments so far, in about the same length of time. They also note they’ve had just over 101,000 hits on their site, which is also far less than we’ve had – about 5 times less. So: Wellingtonians like to both read more about Architecture, and comment more about it too. I think that means that they think more too. Keep up the good work in coming here – and keep up the commenting. We like your feedback – its good to have discussion on Urban matters. More coming soon.

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