National War Memorial

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So today the news finally hits that the streets that the old, former Dominion Museum, now masquerading as part of Massey University, is being sought by the Government as a potential site for… a museum. Thing is, of course, that it is not actually owned by Massey, nor by the Government, but instead is owned by the Tenths Trust – or subsidiary thereof – who in…

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There is one year to go before ANZAC Day 2015, and therefore only one year for the War Memorial Park to be up and running. That means, of course, that the War Memorial Underpass needs to be in place well before then, which is a pretty steep ask, but at this stage it looks as though it will be finished in plenty of time. The almost…

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Following on from the last post we made, an April Fool’s gag that seems to have genuinely fooled some of our less discriminating readers, it’s with no great surprise that we hear of the demise / further delay of “Memorial Park”. It was the other potential target for our 1 April prank – where we were set to announce that the Park was to go ahead…