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A week is a long time in politics. Celia is gone, Justin is in, Colin Craig is ancient history, and Goff’s off to head up the supercity. The last WCC crop of Councillors was, let’s be honest, a bag full of fruitcakes, with the frankly barmy Helene Ritchie, the reptilian repellent Mark Peck who, frankly, did nothing for the entire 3 years except pull a pay…

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Councilor Andy Foster writes to the Fish, with some clarification over costs and leases on the waterfront. Published here in the full, with the aim of correcting misinformation, by the Eye of the Fish: “I wanted to address the apparently emerging urban myth that Council and the Waterfront Company give away land – apparently to line the pockets of private developers. Some people event think the…

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If you’re stuck in boring meetings at the Council all day long in Wellington, then my commiserations. Those hearings can get a little long and tedious. Imagine then, if your day was perked up by a personal visit from Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, who on Tuesday 7 June popped into his local Council office in Cupertino, California, to present the plans for a new office…

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Courtesy of one of regular readers, some photos of the Hearst Tower in New York. The building was started way back in the mists of time, say 1920-30, and so has a somewhat grand podium, with tall sculptured figures guarding the entry – but the tower was never constructed – I suspect the Wall St crash may have been a reason for incompleteness. Fast forward another…