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The rules for strengthening time-tables may be relaxed, but I’m not sure if I am… I’m not sure if this the result of a carefully planned out Government policy, or if it is just Nick Smith blowing off steam: the two seem closely related. The way that the media report it, the policy seems to have just arrived out of thin air, but actually, I suspect…

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There have been hundreds of earthquakes, if not thousands, in the days following last week’s Seddonator (TM name courtesy of Eye of the Fish, conflation of Seddon and Dominator). A nice little wobbly number just then (11.10am) prompted me to go to the Geonet website and check – it was a 4.9 in the middle of the Cook Strait again – or, as Geonet say, 30km…

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The Fish’s Predictions for 2011: Prediction # 1 Firstly, there will have to be some progress on the work around the Basin Reserve. It has been the slowest consultation job in the world so far – to the point of absolutely no consultation yet at all. Is NZTA / Transit asleep at the wheel? Shouldn’t they pull over and take a break, and let someone else…

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A welcome to those of you new visitors who may have visited the Eye of the Fish site since the talk at the City Gallery today. The EoTF is a site set up as a forum to discuss city matters (in Wellington) generally, and Urban matters and Design in particular. Feel free to comment on line any time – yes, it can be anonymous if you’re…