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Rebuild Christchurch Cathedral. It’s such a simple thing to say, and yet seems so hard for some people to think of doing. While some people I know think that Bishop Victoria Matthews is a evil wench for proposing that the church be demolished, at least she is being honest in saying that the Anglican church doesn’t want old, cold buildings, and a new church would suit…

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These is really only one story worth talking about in New Zealand right now, and that’s the big old stone churches in our southern sister city. Most of them have already been demolished, it seems, and of the few remaining there is great debate about what is happening and what should happen, and who should have the right to do what they want to. Me, personally?…

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As far as Architectural SuperStar news stories goes – this one has to be a biggie, surely. Japanese architect Shigeru Ban designing a new cathedral for Christchurch out of cardboard? Fantastic ! Despite lots and lots of anguished stories about heritage buildings being destroyed, or at least – not saved, this is the opposite story – a ray of hope and light in an otherwise derelict…