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Morandi bridge a week on: the key thing, I believe, is a lack of structural redundancy. For the bridge to collapse as it did, something needed to give way – and it was unlikely to be a member in compression, so that rules the struts out. We know the tower remained standing after the roadway had gone, and then first one side of the giant pylon…

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Not in Wellington, I know, and not about housing as I had promised, but this sad tale has got me intrigued. Multiple deaths and no doubt multi-million dollar lawsuits to come, but it is worth looking at in closer detail in case Wellington ever decides to go down the overpass route again. We used to have quite a few. Not so many now. So, let’s recap…

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A pause for thought today : evidently the silly season is still with us. Point in case the front page of the Dom Post today – and cub reporter Julian Lee tries to argue the case for a bridge – or tunnel ! – across the Cook Strait is a viable thing. Both possible options are as silly as each other, both are physically impossible, and…