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Yes indeed – it’s hot, and dry. The sea beckons. As much as is allowed by law and social decorum, I’ve been at the beach with as little on as possible, and more often than not in the water rather than just sitting on the edge. At last I am understanding why Maximus was always banging on about being a fish – it is truly lovely…

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OK – as a slow start back into the new year for all you sleepy people, returning from summer holidays in dribs and drabs, I’ve got a summer beachside hotspot location for you. Can anyone name the location? And for extra bonus points – can you name the architect?

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Hi there. My name is Gloria, and I thought that I would answer the call for writers. I’m going to try and post on the Eye of the Fish for a while, while the other writers are on holiday. Lucky for some. I thought that I might just start off gently, with a post on dream beach-side houses, as that is what I would really rather…