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The unveiling of the scheme for the revised central Wellington Library has had an interesting effect. Some people have been shocked at the price, of around $188 million, but I checked back on the estimates spoken about at the time, and that is bang on target from what they estimated when the Council voted to do it. Others have said they are aghast at the architectural…

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After what seems like the longest of times, the new building for PWC on Site 10 at Kumutoto (by Athfield Architects) is now progressing well. Strong advances on the cladding front, with the end of the cantilever now glazed and looking reasonably interesting, with the massive braced cantilevered box projecting out above the south end of the building. The top two floors are expressed as a…

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In the world’s slowest playing and longest lasting saga, what could be the final chapter has been announced. A new building – the last new building? – for the Wellington waterfront. The Dominion Post of course rushes straight to get an opinion from the bunch of wild rebels that were probably teenagers when this controversy started: the aged and creaky-jointed citizens who appointed themselves to rule…