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The south wind blows strong at the Wellington Airport: nowhere more so than in the architect’s eye. This scheme was sprung on us a year or so ago, with dramatic renderings of a radically leaning building as the new airport control tower. A certain amount of artistic license is expected in the architect’s image supplied, but the sight that is now reaching high into the sky…

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OK – Hear me out here people. There’s been a lot of kerfuffle over a couple of things this week – one is the proposed $43m strengthening of the old Town Hall, and the other is the proposed $300m extension of the airport. First things first : where have those figures come from? Put them back at once – you don’t know where they have been!…

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A year or two out from the fracas that greeted the Wellington Airport proposals for the new International Terminal, its interesting that it has got very little commentary while it is under construction. Are the print media being kept on a short leash? Or is it just that everyone is waiting with trepidation, and anticipation? Whatever the reason, it must be time to have a quick…

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As I love Wellington so much, I hardly ever get a chance to to leave the harbour, but very occasionally I have to leave town (I’m not really much of a flying fish). I’d heard about these things being installed at Auckland Airport, and I just thought that was typical Jafa bad design in that godawful domestic airport of theirs, but knock me down with a…

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Today Wellington Airport unveiled the design for “The Rock” — an addition to the international terminal. However this is not just a simple expansion/addition, this is to be “New Zealand’s newest icon“. The $39 million project promises an array of improvements to the airport experience, having doubled the traffic capacity of the international terminal and added many new facilities. But the pragmatics of the user experience…