In a slight break from normal transmission: watching Terminator 2 Judgement Day right now, just having seen Avatar again a few days ago. There is no comparison. T2 outclasses Av1 by a considerable margin. Better story, better script, better special effects, and better acting – incredibly so, Arnie’s wooden acting ability having finally found its rightful home.

James Cameron’s recent conversion to New Zillun citizenship, and his buying up of a large chunk of the Wairarapa is wonderful in many ways, being good for walnut growing, sheep farming, and no doubt some speciality cattle rearing, but the forecast for quality movie making is sadly not looking so good. Let’s face it, Cameron’s early work like Terminator has just not been equalled in the tawdry dross of Titanic, Avatar, and I fear for the quality level of Avatar parts 2, 3, 4 and more.
Mean time, I’m just going to watch the film.

Even better than I remembered!
Better than this:

But of course there is an architectural side to this post, and I’m rapidly trying to think up a reason as to why that may be. In the end, I found it in the floating sky cities in the atmosphere of Avatar, which although quite implausible, are fantastical nonetheless…

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