There’s a public consultation exercise going on, and Wellington City Council wants your input. They’re keen to know what you like about the area between Marion and Victoria – from Vivian to Ghuznee – centred around Swan Lane and Garrett St. Still confused where? Here’s a map:
(Post-script: I’ve corrected and updated this map a little from the original Council document. All sites drawn from memory – it’s my local. Apologies if I have anything wrong).
Also: see another version, further embellished, down below

We’ve written about this area before, here (10 years ago almost to the day), and here when it was transformed as part of Cuba-Dupa.
Swan Lane can be a brilliant venue, it is perfect for many things, including music, dancing, movies, and of course, sitting in the sun, eating:
Even Glover Park comes alive on a sunny day, and especially with the added addition of live acts:
They haven’t given us long to comment, but it’s evident that they indeed want as many comments as they can get. There’s a survey available online, here:
Consultation closes on 28 Nov, at 5.00pm, so be in quick.

They ask a series of questions, such as:
“What do you like about Swan Lane and/or Garrett Street? Describe some of the things about these areas we should keep, protect, or preserve.”
“What would you like to change or remove from the Swan Lane and/or Garrett Street area?”

We put this in words many years ago, with Max saying:
“there’s a piece of land between Ghuznee and Vivian that is the absolutely perfect place for a park. A park for People, not the ground level park for Cars that it is now. Yes, the small square of asphalt known as the Swan Lane Car Park – that goes through to the Marion St Post Office, has been decreed by some to be the most divine spot possible for a park for people. It’s certainly wasted on the cars that sit there all day seeping oil into the asphalt.”

I’d encourage you to encourage the Council, that this land needs to be better utilised for all of Wellington. Please submit your submission to the Council on this one!

Post-Post-Script: Sorry – once I started I couldn’t stop. Here’s my design starter for 10. Green indicates park (not necessarily grass) and I think it needs to link up with Glover in a meaningful way. Sorry Monty. Also – pedestrianise this part of Cuba St – why not? Or at least, acknowledge that it is already a shared street, and that here, People Rule! (Not cars). Whaddya reckon?