A short and sweet post this morning with an up-beat theme – praising the Dutch postal system. I love the way the Netherlands have got such a strong record of public art and supporting design – especially with the bold graphic design the Dutch are known for.

And here, in a way that only the Dutch really do, is the latest set of stamps from Holland – all focusing on modern architecture.

The Netherlands – or, as they say, de Nederlands, were of course the country that named us but then buggered off, leaving New Zealand with the name but no great amount of Dutch heritage. And especially not this wonderful refreshing attitude towards modern architecture that gushes out from this small, flat, heavily populated land.

I mean, just look at those stamps. Graphic stylishness, crisp ultramodern architecture, and – shock, horror, open mouthed amazeness – they even have named the architectural practice on the stamp as well! I’m pretty sure that such blatant advertising would be frowned upon here, but luckily, not so over there.

A chocolate fish for anyone who can remember or find an example of modern New Zealand architecture on a NZ Post stamp….

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