While my efforts have been wilting lately, thankfully, other blogs are springing up to take the place of this one. First up is Congestion Free Wellington, which is, as it says on their blog, a “congestion-free Wellington coalition made up of Cycle Aware Wellington, FIT: Fair Intelligent Transport, Living Streets Aotearoa, OraTaiao: The NZ Climate & Health Council, Save the Basin, and Trams-Action.” That’s a pretty fantastic group of campaigners right there, all focused on trying to get new and better solutions for transport in Wellington. The only people not to sign up to that coalition it seems, are Lets Get Wellington Moving which of course is itself a grouping of three concerned parties, i.e. Wellington City Council, NZTA, and the Greater Wellington Regional Council. Wouldn’t it be great if the elected officials could get together with the unelected-but-keen-to-do-something people, and tackle the problem together?

There is another blog or two that I’ve noticed lately as well. First up is Talk Wellington, which seems new, and appears keen to get discussion going on urban issues and transport quandaries. There is also the Wellington Transit Blog, which has been going for a while but has been mainly flying under my radar till recently. It’s also good at getting issues out in the open air. Then there is Wellington Trams Action, which is looking like it needs a bit of a revamp on the old website. And how about Trans Action for Wellington ? Definitely neglected! Finally, Trams Action ? They’re still pumping too!

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