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Phew – thank goodness that 2020 is over. It’s been a horror show for most of the world and never seemed to want to finish, but at last, like T****’s presidency, it’s at an end. Things can surely, only get better from here on in. What is the future going to hold for Wellington? What is the future for Eye of the Fish? How can the…

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While my efforts have been wilting lately, thankfully, other blogs are springing up to take the place of this one. First up is Congestion Free Wellington, which is, as it says on their blog, a “congestion-free Wellington coalition made up of Cycle Aware Wellington, FIT: Fair Intelligent Transport, Living Streets Aotearoa, OraTaiao: The NZ Climate & Health Council, Save the Basin, and Trams-Action.” That’s a pretty…

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There’s a certain charm about Trams that big brother Train just doesn’t have, even though they’re all related really. A couple of pictures, courtesy of one of our regular readers (and occasional commenters), shows us something that we’re missing: not only do Trams run happily in Barcelona, but they also run on a tufty green grass verge, and what’s more – they even have a station…