I’ve been really impressed by the pace of construction of the sparkly-new bypass-of-the-bypass since I’ve got back. Apparently this started in late October, and as I walked by today the road was just about ready for sealing. The new NZTA website doesn’t seem to offer any drawings or maps of this, so for those who haven’t had the chance to see it, I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago to give you an impression of the route.

Bypass of Buckle Street from Taranaki Street

Bypass of Buckle Street from Sussex Street

It’s always interesting when you go digging around in Te Aro. In this case the site has a lot of military history and the digging unearthed these curious half-cylinder brick objects that you can see laying beside the road.

Remains of former gun pit

These formed part of a gun pit that was used for training on during the 1880s Russian Scare. You can find out more about the archeological investigation here. Apparently there’s also a 13 ton Armstrong gun from the same era laying buried near the Carillon, maybe time to put on the fedora and get out the shovel.