So: we’re in lock down – or as I prefer to think of it, the big Tai Ho. Staying home, staying put, being stuck in one place. Find your bubble, stay in your bubble, don’t burst my bubble. Shouldn’t be that difficult really.

I’m not really sure why people are getting overly excited by this – it’s a fairly simple thing to do, and not overly difficult to comply with. But then I’m just a single fish, not a whole school. Think of an anenome. Just keep to yourself, waving quietly. Woohoo. Stick your feet to the rock and don’t shake hands or breath the air of others. True, a bit boring, but you’ll get through it.

One person that doesn’t understand it, because he’s an imbecile, is President Rump. As a result, many Americans will die. Let’s hope that he is one of them. That would be justice for his inaction and stupidity. This virus does not respect personal boundaries, or personas. They’ve just announced that Prince Charles has Covid. Interesting: he’s a super-spreader then. Anyone can get it. Mind you, there’s nothing like a toxic royal… …and they’ve had a few.

We all need a hobby during this lockdown. Some people will just watch a lot of TV. Hmmm. Some will learn to cook, but you just know there will always be one key ingredient that you’re missing… Some will take up painting. Some will read a lot of books (forgone conclusion for me – I’ve a lot of books to read!). Some people will write a book. I think that I’m going to write a novel, but am a little unsure of the theme. Love in the time of coronavirus? Just another fish in the sea? The end of the world? The start of a new world? A romantic comedy? Something light and frothy to take your mind off things? To take my mind off things? I have a feeling that the joys of the web may get a little tiring over the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll take up a hobby. Hope that I’ve got all the tools. Maybe I’ll paint the bathroom. Damn – forgot to get the paint. Hmmmm. Here’s a list of possibilities – there must be something here for you.

You don’t need me to tell you what to do – there’s enough people doing that already. But you could always tell me what you’re planning to do. Go on: I’m interested to know. Comments down below please. We have 4 weeks. How are we going to make the world a better place?