Hello and Happy New Year to all of you Eye of the Fish followers.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am minimus, the loutish underling to the great Maximus.  All’s been quiet from the big fish for awhile now, and with the recent reports of sharks in the waters, I am growing concerned.  Keep an eye out for him and let me know if you do see him, wont you?

Now… I’m not much of a fancy talking fish, so this first post is going to be a bit of a short one.

I consider myself to be a big proponent of public transport, and have been a huge proponent of getting light rail in Wellington.  Oh, I had lists and lists of all the benefits, and having lived in various cities with fantastic transport systems, I dreamt of the day they would be implemented in my new hometown.  There wasn’t a single anti-public transport talking point that I wasn’t already prepared for.

Until now.

This week I encountered an argument against light rail, subways and all versions of fixed rail public transport, that cannot be countered.  It is insurmountable and opinion changing.

I give up.  I do not want light rail.  I never want to ride public transport ever again.

Do you know of what I speak?

The 9th Annual No Pants Subway Ride.  And it’s gone global.



Started 9 years ago in New York, by a New York-based comedy troupe called Improv Everywhere, this movement has spread to cities across the globe with fixed rail transport systems.

From New York to Vancouver

Washington, DC to San Francisco

and in case you thought this was just some strange North American thing..


Sao Paolo


and even our western neighbours:



Apparently 50 cities in 24 countries around the globe got in on the action.  Now I’m no prude.  After all, fish aren’t big fans of pants to begin with, but I’ve never seen a better argument against public transport.

This is just not a good idea.

Nor is this

and neither is.

Looks like some people need to review the old togs/undies advertisement.

If this is the future with light rail – count me OUT.