So…. that was interesting. No real surprise there, that it would end in violence, given the people involved and the poor attitudes towards common sense right from the beginning. And despite the protestors bleating about police brutality, in reality they have not got the slightest justifiable complaint. Never before have I seen a protest so carefully picked apart by police, with amazing restraint, despite widespread incitement to violence. Police aren’t always this nice, treating people with kid gloves and absorbing hours of abuse, without retaliation. The police here are heroes, and amazingly, some of those heroes were on Day One of their police careers, having only just graduated from the Police College on Monday. Its all going to be less interesting from here on, I hope!

Idiot protestor being carefully dragged away

Some people have been saying that “who would have expected that?!?!” but I disagree – that is exactly what I expected, only a whole lot less violent than it could have been. Or perhaps, less than it should have been. There’s a fair few people in the protest that were virtually asking for a good old-fashioned police batoning in the head. The fact that they did not get it is amazing. Compared to other riots in NZ, this was a walk in the park. Even if they did set fire to the park along the way, and destroyed the children’s playground, which was not only the coolest but also the most expensive children’s playground in the whole country. People cared more about the tree they set alight than they do for the stupidity of the massed protestors.

The police have your photo, and will be coming to arrest you at their discretion.

And you know what? The rest of NZ doesn’t really give a shit about the stupidity of the protestors and the lack of a realistic agenda. Just shut up and go home. We all want this Covid-Thing to be over, but it won’t be, possibly for years yet. What I do find intriguing and amazing, is that so many formerly clever Kiwis are now signing on with the stupidity parade, watching their favourite toxic brand of social media and allowing their tiny minds to become polluted with filth sent out by the same forces of evil who occupied the space vacated by Donal Rump’s brain. Conspiracy theories are so easy to spot, because they are just so stupid. Have they no idea how hard it is for lizard people to take over the world without their help? Is every politician a paedophile and just how do they abuse all those children in a pizza joint in Georgetown? It takes time and money to carefully insert an EMF generator inside a concrete block in order to affect the thoughts within a protestor’s cranium. Wherever those concrete blocks came from they must have skilled operatives and carefully designed battery packs to install inside the concrete blocks. Such skill! Also – such imprecise use of the word Bollard, which means “A short post used to prevent traffic from entering an area” or even “A short, thick post on the deck of a ship or a quayside, to which a ship’s rope may be secured” but here seemed to be attached to a two-tonne block of badly poured concrete, sitting on a timber pallet (and yes, like you, I was appalled by the lack of precision detailing on that precast job!).

Fuckwits, the lot of them.

Onwards! Let’s claim our city back, mask up, and get through this pandemic and out the other side.

Rioters vs Police

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