The numpty-heads down at Parliament continue to protest and cause disruption, crying out for Freedom, when they honestly do not know what real “fighting for freedom” is all about. Stupidity abounds down there, which is sad, as I have three friends down there, and now Covid is spreading like wildfire through their ranks. My guess would be that nearly everyone down there now is infected, and so far three are in hospital, mainly because they are unvaccinated. More will follow. A friend of mine, somewhat small of brain, went down there to party with the protestors just to see what the vibe was like – and now he has got a Covid diagnosis too. After just one hour spent on site, dancing with the people protesting. If that took just one hour, imagine how riddled with the plague are the people who are there full time. The viral load is cumulative, and none of them are wearing masks, so the spreading is almost mandatory. Perhaps stupidity is contagious….

If only there was a real cause for these mis-guided souls to fight for. Go, fight for Ukraine!

What is interesting, I find, is that none of these 3 people I know there ever read the newspaper, and neither does the 4th, the visitor. You may shout out that it is Fake News, but if you never read the paper, or watch the News on TV, then how do you even know? Perhaps if they had read the news they would know there was a Covid pandemic happening, and the health advice would be to not visit the protest. One of them, I know, only gets his news off Reddit, that famed cesspit of casual racism and schoolboy purile memes. It’s no wonder his head is full of cotton wool and he “feels like shit” right now.

What I also find really interesting, is that over the last week, all the spam coming to Eye of the Fish has dried up. Seeing as nearly all of it was straight from Russia, either in Russian or in English, but always selling porn or trying to hack into the site – we used to get thousands of them, and more recently just a trickle – but as of a week before Putin’s invasion, not a single Russian spam has been received. Now, that either means that the spammers are officially Government spammers – or that maybe they have been summonsed to join the Russian army? More likely though, is that somewhere someone has turned off the fibre connection with the Russians. What a blissful joy that is. Why not keep it turned off permanently, so none of us have to deal with this shit again?

Of more interest in Wellington this week is that there is a large Wheke in the lagoon, a gorgeous looking inflatable octopus from Lisa Reihana, our favourite artist of the moment. Go see the octopus at night – its beautiful.

Wheke by Lisa Reihana

There is also lots of building work going on, including this building: can you guess what and where?

What building is being reflected in what other building?

But most of all, there is a war in Ukraine, and that makes me really sad. Humanity really is fucked up, with Putin a prime example. You just know that this is going to get worse. What a sad, pathetic, petty little man – words that have been said of all the tyrants of the world – Hitler, Napoleon, Stalin, Pol Pot, Trump, you name it. None of these people are female. None of them are heroic, or considerate. Yes, all of them are evil, but also banal, pathetic, and ultimately, stupid. May Putin die a bloody and horrible death, very soon.

Not Russia