We are being asked to submit comments on four completely separate but highly important matters at the same time. If you thought that the run up to Christmas was getting tight for time this year, then get ready for it to be even more tight in terms of your time.

Firstly, one you may not have been aware of: the proposal by KiwiRail and InterIslander to build new terminus stations in both Picton and Wellington, in order to tie in with the arrival of two new ferries due here in three years time. You can find out more about this proposal here. I’m not sure when they want the feedback by, but I’m sure that they want some feedback!

A new terminal. Is it for Picton or for Wellington? I’ve forgotten, sorry. It’s one of the two !

Secondly, and again something that may have slipped your eye: the proposed draft Cycling Plan, or Paneke Poneke, as some would call it. I’m less than impressed by the effort gone into on this one – it looks like a good morning’s worth of time spent on it. Time to get off your butt WCC and do more work before you ask us. It’s an insult. There are some maps, without any names of any roads, and no detail in the slightest degree. Still, anything would be an improvement on what we have at present, which is almost nothing. A network is not a network until it is truly a Net, and it truly Works. I watched the Webinar on the people designing the Network – including Clare, talking about “for the first time ever” showing actual lines on a map of the routes. Wow, big f__g deal. Feedback is due by December 14th at the latest.

This is the Official planned Bike network. Colours mean something I’m sure. But name that street? Which one?

Thirdly, and here I’m sure you will have heard of this: Hello. The plan for Light Rail or a Bus, with four possible options, none of which are quite right. Still, its a good start, even if it is 10 years too late. I’ll be talking more on this topic later. Or sooner, depending on which comes first. And presenting my own Nemo plan – taking the LGWM plans and suggesting much needed alternatives in certain areas. Definitely need you to submit on this by Dec 14th – we’ll be saying more on this, very soon.

This is part of Option 1 of the 4 possible proposals. More on this, coming soon.

And Fourthly, or Quadraticly, or however you say it: the District Plan revamp. Possibly the most important thing that the WCC has asked your views on, ever, and just two weeks for you to comment on, authoritively, in a knowing matter, despite it not being able to be viewed on paper at the Library, or viewed electronically if you don’t have the right bandwidth etc. Its huge. All-encompassing. And because of the Government’s latest oar in the water / stick in the spokes, there is a massive amount of the District Plan which is now completely irrelevant and will need to be redone within the next 6-9 months. You couldn’t make this shit up. So what can I do / we do (yes, the Eye of the Fish now has a second writer for the first time in years – Erentz! – let’s hope he / she writes more than just the one lengthy article so far). Well, we’re going to point you in the direction of the Submission buttons, and also give you some pointers on what you could submit about, if you were that way inclined. This is going to be the most important thing that you ever do, by December 14th.

Just one of the many many pages about the District Plan. This one is a Doozey !