Inspired by his suggestion from this post:  Stop the Flyover

Schiphol is built on a drained bit of land that used to be be the Harlemmermeer. So in the same spirit, I propose the following:

1. Build a dam from Seatoun to the east side of the harbour.
2. Install pumps powered by windmills and pump all the water out. Note that the windmills should be old fashioned looking ones to attract tourists.
3. Build a honking big airport on the harbour floor. Schiphol has 6 runways over a vast area, so I propose 7 runways to give us something to boast about.
4. Plant the rest of the harbour floor in tulips.
5. Make Greenies happy by running light rail out to the new airport.
6. Make everyone else happy by joining the airport up to the motorway using a giant 4 level stacked junction with 5 lanes in every direction.
7. Sit back and smoke a lot of drugs.

This plan, which I am sure you will all applaud, has the added advantage of removing the need to re-pile the Outer T.

and his additional comment

Sorry Minimus! But if you’re keen, I’d love a graphic with a dam across the heads, Schiphol airport overlaying the harbour (which might be a real squeeze since Schiphol must be the best part of 8km across), some windmills, and a Los Angeles style motorway connecting Eastbourne and Taranaki St. If possible, one of the longer runways should be oriented to face Johnsonville so that we’d have an excuse to dig the world’s first aircraft tunnel under the suburb. Tulips and removal of a diving board would be handy too if you’re able to work in a large scale.

I think all I have not accomplished was the request to do something about a diving board.

New Wellington (Eastbourne) Airport, Harbour dam, tulip fields, LA style motorway interchange and world’s first runway tunnel.

Not my best illustrating work, but I think it captures how awesome the idea would be.