I thought that as, apparently, it is the last day of term today for university students, that I would share a picture or two I’ve found from a 1984 issue of Superman, which depicted the Columbia University classroom of 2862. Just a mere 850 years in the future.

Perhaps time travel is working faster than we thought. The computers the students were using look a little like a cross between an early Sinclair and an iPad, if that is possible, while the lecturer looks like a hot babe in a leotard. Fortunately none of my university tutors never wore leotards in class, as that may have freaked the fish right out.

Luckily, the students back then / forward then, are hip and groovy, and the schools come with floating furniture, and versions of giant iPads that the class can communicate with the teacher on…

Roll on the future!
(but I’m not going to wait 850 years….)

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