What’s the world coming to? I take a well-deserved one week break from toiling over the blog and the day job, and the world seems to have gone mad!

To recap:
Parson’s bookshop closes down. Tragedy!

Auckland’s tallest new building announced. Comedy!

Wellington Sevens fans get drunk and party too hard. Farce!

NZ Post says it is going to sell off the Petone Post sorting office for apartments or something like that – crikey! Who even knew that every piece of mail you post “across town” in Wellington is now shipped off up to Palmy for processing, and then shipped back down here – no wonder the buggers are losing money hand over fist!

New Airport proposed for the top of a hill in Newlands! Seriously! Good grief!

InterIslander ferries seem to break down all over the shop, dropping propellers in the channel, lifeboats off the side, and losing all their passengers to Blue Bridge. Litany!

NZTA announce plans for yet more motorway to connect to even more yet more motorway, with a 4 lane highway up a valley that no-one ever knew existed until half a week ago. What? NZTA do something underhand and stupid? Never!

Just about every wheeled vehicle with a siren on goes racing past my abode about an hour ago – numerous fire engines, police, ambulances, and boy racers. I can only presume that the world has ended, all hell has broken loose, or that half the city has burnt down. If its none of the above, then can the “emergency services” please quiten the f*** up! My ears are hurting!

The list goes on, although I’m not sure that I can. Be. Bothered.

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start.

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