A little segue to Auckland here, to feature a building sent in by one of our Auckland readers, Chris. If anyone can shed any light on who designed this building, we’d be interested to know.

The building has recently been demolished for, as our contributor puts it, “some sad ass developers wet dream.” I’m not sure what the developer is planning to replace it with, but, as Chris notes, “It was a two storey kauri villa 1800s in style that during the 80s had been re-worked very cleverly and well – it was an absolute gem.”

It appears to have been altered more than once, with the retro-fitting of signage supports coming perhaps after the initial deconstructivist steelwork explosion that appears to have happened inside, that pierced the outside and gave the building a very unique effect. Although Chris states that he is “pissed off that the right wing council doesn’t give a figs toss about our built heritage” I’m not really sure on this one. Yes, you get what you deserve if you live in a city stupid enough to vote a talk back radio host as revolting as John Banks in twice, but on the other hand – is it really that good a piece of architecture?

I’m inclined to think that it has been designed as a structure to shock and surprise, much the same as this picture of two recent creations by much lauded fashion icons John Galliano (left) and Kate Sylvester (right), where all I can say is that in this case, rather than shock and surprise, instead they have lost the plot and produced works of extreme crapness.

So what are your thoughts on the building featured above? Should we be mourning for its passing, or had it already had its five minutes in the sun?

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