The Eye of the Fish

March 22, 2019

The sun also rises

Last night was a super moon, the largest for the year – and a worm moon, apparently, according to the Guardian. A symbol of starting anew, planting for the new season in the northern hemisphere. Here, of course, it heralds Autumn, and leaves falling off trees. Here it is with the tower of Antenna Hungaria at the top of Karancs mountain, seen against the rising moon at Karancskeszi village, Hungary.
But more importantly, here is a super-moon photo from the town of Edirne in Turkey, with the Edirne Mosque in the foreground, which seems an appropriate image for today, as we pay our respects to the dead from the attacks in Christchurch. Horrific, murderous, and totally misguided, one fucked-up stupid little man has caused massive grief to the Muslim community in Christchurch, and also an upwelling of love and unity with followers of Islam, in the complete opposite to what he intended.
And to bring in a local focus and link with architecture, here is a pic from the new Mosque in Cambridge, England, by the brilliant Julia Barfield, of architects Marks Barfield, who made the London Eye. Here she has taken a branch out of our timber design tree, and produced a woven timber lattice. An exceptional non-orthogonal timber design indeed. Check it out Ged !
Cambridge - Julia Barfield
Peace be upon you all.

60 MPa
23 - 03 - 19

Bad week

Murderous selfish short Australian virgin modelled himself on another failure in Norway and now the government is using my taxpayers money to buy my own rifles back off me

How dare that little shit think that he has a right to shoot children and old people in the back?

What do I pay $570 a week tax for again? Why does Rebecca Kitteridge still have a job?

This buyback is misguided and will create several Jan Molenaars, mark my words – a lot of AR15s will be going underground and then the gangs will offer top coin for them

So much going so wrong so fast and so many people saying Yay we banned semis

LFAOs are scared so you won’t see much public comment but this is going to be a watershed moment in a very bad way that many outside the firearms community do not realise

I’ll hand in my AR10 and both AR15s and so will the Mrs with her Bushmaster but we are not the problem

This week has been marked by the fact that I am starting to part ways with this country

24 - 03 - 19

A sad week indeed 60, and I agree with much of what you say. I’m not sure what a LFAO is though? I’m sort of bemused that people seem surprised that the South Island has racism – and skinheads – and white nationalists. Hasn’t Christchurch been known for its Aryan skinhead culture for about the last 50 years or so?

I’m not a hunter myself (have only used shotguns for clay pigeon shooting), but the hunter friends i have are happy enough with rifles with 1-2 shots, for killing deer and goats. Glad to hear that you will hand in the AR10 etc – and I agree that the responsible people are not the problem, but the issue will be the vast number of guns already in circulation. But we just can’t do nothing.

60 MPa
25 - 03 - 19

Licensed Firearms Owner – sorry for being obtuse

Seamonkey Madness
26 - 03 - 19

60, thanks for clearing that up. The Urban Dictionary definition of LFAO has an ENTIRELY different meaning! :O

26 - 03 - 19

Certainly don’t want to start an argument here, but can 60MPa let us know in brief outline what use he finds for the semi-automatic capability of an AR10?

60 MPa
27 - 03 - 19

Semis are good for fast follow-up shots when you crest a ridge and there’s a whole mob of goats
Also they are a lot of fun to shoot just at the range
More a matter of taste than anything – I like big trailbikes and big chainsaws and all that kind of guff

All whilst being a good intersectional feminist, mind

Agree re racism – certainly the security services look to have had a big white blind spot

Ah well, there’s always IPSC, I’m nowhere near this good but we have fun