The Eye of the Fish

June 2, 2010


Moving on from works on the Rock, its surely time for a quick segue to a recent event held here in Wellington – the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Fish didn’t actually get there this time (could there be anything more ridiculous than a fish in suspenders – and fish-net stockings!) but it is a vital part of Wellington’s urban night time life style, which we seem to lap up with alacrity. Mmmm, lapping… Anyway – some pictures:

I’ve grabbed some of these images of the Wellington event at the Embassy Theatre from James Everett’s photostream at Flickr – hopefully he won’t mind as I’m crediting him and linking it to his site – and I have no idea who these people are, but they look magnificent – obviously a huge amount of energy and talent in the dressing up and makeup.

If you have photos of this event you want to send in to the Eye of the Fish, please just email them to us at contact @ – I know that some of our regular readers were there, although I’m not sure how much publicity they want on this satorial experiment. Not everyone wants to be publicly exhibited in their stockings and underwear, although of course others may think there is nothing better, like this young chap, who seems quite splendidly at home in ill-fitting lingerie…

The Rocky Horror Show – and the Rocky Horror Picture Show – are the type of cult classics that just keep on giving. Like so many cults, starting off as a bit of a flop, over time it has grown a loyal and huge audience, with a saucy mixture of transvestite sexual appetite including Susan Sarandon revelling in her sexual dawn (and best film role until Thelma and Louise):

But this is the sort of truly creative event that makes Wellington the place that is so absolutely positive, and the reason we stay here – despite of the interminably crap weather we are having at present!
Anyway: to round this off, a Toast ! To a life that’s a little bit Rocky !

James Everett
3 - 06 - 10

No worries, glad you liked the pictures :) Those are from the 2009 screening, I didn’t make it to this year’s. You might find it easier just to embed/link directly to the flickr image source as it’ll save your bandwidth+link to the original page, but all my pictures are CC by attribution licensed.

4 - 06 - 10

James, they’re great pics – thanks for letting us use them. I tried to embed them straight from flickr, but couldn’t make it work – not sure what I was doing wrong – thought you must have some transylvanian time warp lock down on them.

5 - 06 - 10

curiously apt and yet depressingly current timing, for a link to Richard O’Brien, who is / was Riff Raff, and without a doubt is the best thing to ever have come out of Hamilton (outside of the Hamilton Jet boat…) – anyway – you’ve no doubt all read it, but here is a link to his current immigration woes:

That’s no way to treat such a sweet transvestite. It seems the problem is that he is just too old. I know its all just far too obvious, but there is a way out: with just a jump to the left….

yeah yeah, you know the rest