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May 21, 2019

Bunnings flat pack

Aside from the Aussie Election, LGWM and Game of Thrones (still yet to see a single episode, ever), the only thing people were talking about yesterday was: Bunnings Flat Pack houses. Here’s a chance for you to look at them yourselves, designed by “Clever Living Co”.

Let’s be honest – these are not brilliant pieces of design – but they are brilliant pieces of value for money. I’m not quite sure why there are so many designs that all look much the same, and measure almost exactly the same amount of square meterage, but the most interesting part of the equation is the bathrooms.

Some of the bathrooms, like the one directly below us here, are small, simple, and well-designed. This is good, simple, basic use of space. Nothing fancy, but a good, tight use of space and its all in the one spot. Probably about 1600×1700, that’s a good bathroom for 2.7m2 of floor space.

Then there are other bathrooms which look like this. Goodness me, that’s just awful. I seriously hope they do not put that shower in there like that, stuck in that corner, or else the amount of grunge that is going to fall into that corner crevasse will need a professional crack-cleaner to sort that mess out. Plus if you use the WC, for either sex, that horrible basin vanity is going to cause some damage to the family jewelry on a frequent basis. Change the shower! Change the Basin! Change the Vanity!

And then again, you get real oddities, like this one here. Its a budget home, but with a double bathroom, and just look at how badly planned that bathroom really is. All that space, and there’s virtually no room to stand inside the Bathroom, as everywhere you turn there is going to be a wall or a basin up your butt or cracking you on the head. Think again Clever Living!

I mean, if this is really trying to be a budget project, then space is at a premium – so don’t waste it! It’s well over twice the size of the first bathroom, with an extra bath, but with three windows and a whole lot less usable space, and plumbing services going everywhere. I’m calling it as it is: a Bathroom disaster area.

21 - 05 - 19

I should have linked the original article.

22 - 05 - 19

Where’s all the architects at? Bathroom planning should bring them out in droves…

As for the luxury model – why would you spend your little bit extra on having two toilets, two showers and a bath for a maximum of four people? How dirty to small house dwellers get? Better surely to use it on some shade and shelter over that strangely multi-coloured deck.

23 - 05 - 19

Hello Starkive – i think the architects are all in a huddle, suddenly realising that their jobs are on the line, and that the next job they may have could well be working inside Bunnings, in a horrible-looking green smock, telling people “Aisle 25 for your Garden Ornaments madam” and reciting the mantra “Lowest everyday prices are our guarantee…”

Seamonkey Madness
23 - 05 - 19

Perhaps Bunnings will allow for green berets and red turtlenecks in their uniform code, if it comes to that? ;-)

23 - 05 - 19

I can see the headlines now..

Baristas and Bunnings to become the biggest employer of Arch,Design and Building science graduates…. :)