While I haven’t really got the faintest clue what the real deal is with Wellington’s proposed Convention Centre (and ensuent Hilton Hotel), given that we have had no news except for one article saying that the Cable St site was no longer being looked at, and a waterfront Wharf was instead (come on you guys – WTF is going on??), then instead we should talk about the proposed Auckland convention Centre, and how Mr Key says that it is going to be tres ugly unless someone pays more money for it to be better designed.

I don’t know about you, but I despair at Mr Key’s grasp of anything is weak and incomplete – sorely lacking in any knowledge about architecture. Who is advising him on these matters?

Yes, the current proposal is indeed pretty crap – but I don’t know if throwing more money and more pokies at it is going to improve things. Who are the architects of the current monster ??