Like about half of Wellington it seems, I’ve been out and about enjoying myself at the first ever Cuba Dupa carnival / musical extravaganza / street party. So far, it has been FANTASTIC !!!!

Yes, Wellington rained a little on the Parade yesterday, but things still went off with a Bang. Although it has multiple stages up and down the street, from right at the top near the NZTA’s bypass, to right down the bottom near the Town Hall, there is no doubt in my mind that the Swan Lane stage had by far the best feeling, probably due to its natural amphitheater location. As Maximus and others have said – make that a permanent park for people, not cars!

I was wandering, eating samples from every stall until I nearly exploded, and just soaking up the atmosphere. Too many highlights to mention them all – except I will say one thing – Adam Page conducting about 100 or more massed brass-playing musicians – assembled from what seemed like about ten different brass bands – absolutely brilliant. It’s an interesting concept – one riff, or stanza, or whatever it is that brassicles play or call themselves, played over and over again, but each band having their own take on it, and Adam calling out whether this would be played fast, or slow, or dub-step, – it’s a superb musical medley, and an amazing wall of big brassy sound. 76 trombones has nothing on it – nor 110 cornets fast behind. This had a whole mess of trumpets, a veritable writhing of trombones, a whole can of tuba (not tuna), a euphoria of euphoniums, several sexy saxes, and of course the big grunty battled-hardened and presumably quite deaf boys (and girl) from Strike whacking out a melody in the back row. I took some video, although don’t know how to get it up here, but feel free to post your own links if you have them – but to be honest, you had to be there.

And now it’s Sunday. More please!

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