As you may have noticed, I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Yes, busy at work and that sort of thing, but I have also managed to have a wee bit of quiet time too. I’ve been travelling around, and for once, not in the drivers seat. Yes indeedy, I am the Passenger. And I ride and I ride.
I’ve been driving since the day I turned 15, which is what you did way back then – get your license as soon as legally possible. I learned in Mum’s Morris Minor, which later became My Morris Minor, and of course it was the coolest thing imaginable. Dad had a Ford Falcon, which we went on summer holidays in, but for the most part I was driving the Morrie Thousand, frequently changing gear to make the most of the tiny engine.
My point is: my view has always been forward. Now, however, in my dotage, I had this opportunity to be a passenger, in a train, and look sideways instead of out the front. So much nicer. Peaceful. Relaxing. No stress. No emails. No wifi. No work. No thing. Enforced quiet time. The view, ever changing, foreground blurring, the background staying the same. Like living in a watercolour, muted plays of light on the hillside, sun shafting through breaks in the cloud. Quite pleasant really. And the tracks go “Ga-dunk, Ga-dunk”. And repeat.
Normal transmission will be resumed shortly.

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