The Eye of the Fish

tena koutou katoa, welcome to Eye of the Fish. We are a fledgling blog that was created to continue the legacy of Tom Beard’s superb WellUrban. Our aim is to further discourse on Wellington’s urban environment, as well to as report on the other aspects of life in the capital. Tom has set certainly high standards for us – but hopefully we will be able to live up to them – and we him all the best in his new position.

What’s in a name?

” his bait was his nose; he punched it, the blood ran down, and he smeared it on the jawbone of his grandparent Muri-ranga-whenua. By the time the jawbone reached the bottom, his fish had bitten on it. Then the canoe was lifted up and its bow was pushed down. His elder brothers cried out in fear! Then his fish came to the surface” That fish continues to lie here as land.

Attributed to Mohi Ruatapu, a Ngati Porou tohunga. Written ~1870

Slightly cryptic, Eye of the Fish refers Wellington’s location on Te Ika-a-M?ui, the Fish of M?ui. We wanted a name that was unique and memorable, with a deep-seated connection to our city. In addition to the history, the name can be read as having a few more contemporary references that represent some our scope and interests.

Our authors represent a range of subjects and perspectives, be sure to look out for introductions in the near future. It should be said that we are definitely not an exclusive caste, and would love to hear from anyone who would be interested in contributing to Eye, whether it be on a regular or one-off basis.

Please note that both the website and our team of authors have been assembled from scratch over the past couple of days. so excuse any mishaps in the blog’s design or the writing. We will be polishing up things soon.

Looking at the near future, we have plenty of posts in the works, so be sure to check back for new content over the next day or two. The precise nature of our publishing schedules and topics is still up in the air, so for now we are going to let things play out naturally and see what we end up with. Suffice to say we will be aiming pick up where WellUrban left off, as well as introducing several new niches.

Be sure to bookmark us and subscribe to our RSS feed (or get updates via email). We would love to hear from viewers, so be sure to comment on anything that comes to mind.

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