We’re aiming to keep replacing our header image on a regular basis, using it as an opportunity to feature local photographers and showcase our city in a fresh light. There’s no set criteria for the image’s subject; we’re open to pretty much anything interesting that contains ample amounts of Wellington. If you had an image in mind that you think would make for a great header, then feel free to get in touch.

Our first image comes from Phillip C, a local photographer. In his own words:

I’m a long term (30 year) Wellington resident who has quite recently converted to inner city apartment living and absolutely loving it – despite (because of?) the street noise, the constant battle to keep our walls graffiti free (we’ve reframed that as a competitive sport – ‘14 days clear, best performance in 6 months’ , ‘all time best rapid response -painted out 10 minutes after they finished it’) and the pigeons (another competitive sport armed with a water pistol).

You can see the original here, and more of Phillip’s photography on his flickr page.

Header #1

[attached for future reference, click for full size]

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