Something on the crazy entries for the Outer Tee: we noted, a year ago, that there would be strong pressure for whatever went on the Outer Tee to be Iconic. And iconic certainly some of the suggestions are.
Other ways to describe other suggestions may be “completely mad“. We’ll get to those in a later post. But right now, one recurring theme, the most popular and common of the entries, although it may be listed under “fanciful”, is the evidently much-needed and much-wanted thing: a roller coaster. It occurs surprisingly often for a serious modern city such as Wellington – we’re obviously not a bunch of boring grey suits any longer. It’s the choice not only of a plethora of small kiddies, but also some of the adults: Wellingtonians just wanna have fu-un.
What better thing could we want for the waterfront? A trip throught space and time at high speed, precariously poised above the ocean, perhaps even splashing through it?
Parents, what are you feeding your children on!?! They’ve all got visions of Worms! Although, that said: one that glows in the dark would be rather special. Check this out!
And then there’s the one highlighted on the Arch Centre’s website which looks like a serious proposal – certainly a half decent photoshop job – maybe Wellington really just does want some harmless fun down the end of the pier. What about it WWL?