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Seeing as today is the day that the WCC wants to get your feedback on what Wellington will look like in 2040, it got me thinking. Thirty years into the future – how much will Wellington have changed? Will we have had the big one yet? (as I presume you know, we’re supposedly well overdue for a 8.0). Will the sea levels have risen, flooding Lambton…

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Something on the crazy entries for the Outer Tee: we noted, a year ago, that there would be strong pressure for whatever went on the Outer Tee to be Iconic. And iconic certainly some of the suggestions are. Other ways to describe other suggestions may be “completely mad“. We’ll get to those in a later post. But right now, one recurring theme, the most popular and…

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Today Wellington Airport unveiled the design for “The Rock” — an addition to the international terminal. However this is not just a simple expansion/addition, this is to be “New Zealand’s newest icon“. The $39 million project promises an array of improvements to the airport experience, having doubled the traffic capacity of the international terminal and added many new facilities. But the pragmatics of the user experience…